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Welcome to the CCT Marketing and Publications Unit

The CCT Marketing and Publications Unit coordinates and assists in the development and dissemination of CALS information through various media, including print and web. This information is related to programs, projects and activities conducted in fulfillment of the college’s extension, research and instruction mission. The goal is to address the widest possible audience, within the college and beyond, while assuring both the reliability of the information conveyed and the consistency of its presentation. As part of a land-grant institution, CCT Marketing and Publications presents college-generated knowledge to improve lives, communities and the environment.

Team Members:

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In 2012 CALS embarked on a campaign to coordinate marketing and external relations in the college in order to increase visibility of its many varied programs. This involved establishing seven teams charged with determining a strategy for improving coordination and accessibility of information and promotional materials. Their efforts have resulted in the establishment of a digital asset management system for logos, images, templates and the like; producing a series of logos for all units and programs which recognize their college affiliation, collecting press coverage of CALS activities and sharing them through a site; contracting with freelance writers and photographers to expand our coverage; establishing ties to local news organizations; and producing promotional materials that are affordable and available to all units.

Contact: Robert Casler


CCT produces the official publications for the college. CALS Publications Guidelines applies to all units in the CALS including CALS Cooperative Extension county offices, agricultural centers, offices, schools and departments. It includes all Cooperative Extension, Agricultural Experiment Station and other publications produced in CALS. CCT maintains the inventory and general production of all CALS publications. CCT also manages a college repository in coordination with the University Library of all historical publications since the founding of the college.

All CALS Cooperative Extension publications are peer-reviewed. Peer-review allows other experts within the field to review your publication and verify information. Publications that have undergone peer-review are often of higher quality, are better respected, and add to a reliable body of knowledge. Peer-reviewed publications are also necessary to obtain continuing status and promotion. This is a blind peer-review process, so authors may make suggestions for reviewers, however, it is the department head’s choice of whom to ask to review the document. Reviewer identity is not revealed to the author.

Contact: Robert Casler

Media Relations

CALS offers several alternatives for publicizing activities in the college. Depending on the audience and scope, you may want to send us  information for a press release, submit an item to the CALS Weekly Bulletin, or add an entry to Cooperative Extension's Tuesday Morning Notes. Each of these venues requires an individual entry.


Determine who your target audience is. Why do you think the media would like to cover your event and what makes it newsworthy? Ask yourself what you want the person reading the information to do. Buy a new publication? Attend a meeting? Take note of a new faculty member? Then put yourself in the reader's place and ask yourself what you would like to know about that subject. Who do you want the release to go to? The college? The campus? The general public? A certain segment of the general public?

Getting the Word Out

One option is to contact a media outlet directly to find out how they want you to send your release. Most newsrooms prefer releases pasted into the body of an email, rather than as an attached file. Some still prefer faxed releases. UA Communications regularly posts press releases and news tips to 150 major print and broadcast outlets across Arizona. Reporters base their coverage on news value, the amount of lead time they’ve been given, and the number of other assignments they have that day. Be sure to respect their deadlines. Send a press release or news tip to each appropriate print or broadcast outlet describing the event and how it would be of interest to their audience. Contact TV reporters only if your event is highly visual.

The Press Release

A press release usually announces one of the following: an upcoming event, a new faculty hire, a new program, or a new publication, video or product. Start by writing out a bulleted list of the things you want to say, then try putting it together using short paragraphs and clear language. Keep your target audience in mind. Every local newspaper contains press releases you can check for ideas.

Submitting Information for a Press Release

Another option is to have us issue a press release. In addition to general information you can include quotes, audience, funding sources and logistics. You can also specify what audiences and media markets you'd be interested in receiving the information.

Your entry will be edited and may be sent to University Communications and other news outlets. You can also specify other news outlets for distribution, and submit digital photographs.

Please submit your release information MORE THAN two weeks prior to a date you would like the information to appear in media outlets.

CALS Weekly Bulletin

The CALS WEEKLY BULLETIN is the only avenue for communicating policy and procedure changes to the entire college. All faculty and staff are responsible for reading it each week. Material submitted should be brief and of wide interest. Deadline for submission: Thursday noon for the week's issue. For further information: Bethany Rutledge, or 520-621-7198.

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Cooperative Extension Tuesday Morning Notes (TMN)

CALS Cooperative Extension Director Jeff Silvertooth sends out this weekly email with events, project updates and awards to extension personnel every Tuesday.

To search previous issues of TMN: (requires logon and password, contact Steve Crofts for this information)

Contact: Susan McGinley; Bethany Rutledge

Media Tips

These tips have appeared in the CALS Weekly Bulletin.

Graphic Design

We design and prepare all of the official publications and printed materials produced by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Our services span from concept development to design and final artwork production.

Below is a list of our design services:

  • Logo
  • Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Poster
  • Newsletter
  • Magazine
  • Signage
  • Banner
  • Print Advertisement
  • Reports
  • Recruitment Materials
  • Templates

Contact: Maria del Carmen Aranguren


Provide expertise to other departments on web/database applications.

Contact: Matt Harmon

Aranguren, Maria del Carmen
Graphic Designer
Marketing & Publications
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Correll, Francine
CALSmart Manager
Marketing & Publications
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Garcia, Monique
Student Worker
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Harmon, Matt
Website Developer/Designer, Webmaster, Test
Marketing & Publications
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Director, CALS Communications / Technologies
Educational & Multimedia Technologies, Marketing & Publications, Networking & Data, Programming & Web Development
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Science Writer/Editor
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Program Coordinator, Senior
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