Systems, Networks, & Security

Systems, Networks, and Security Unit

The CALS Systems, Networks, and Security unit (within CALS - Communications and Technologies) provides IT infrastructure services and solutions to CALS. Our systems team is responsible for physical and virtual servers which provide email, web, data, and other services. Our network team provides connectivity solutions to the many CALS sites located throughout the state. Our security team ensures our systems and networks are compliant with University of Arizona policies and consistent with industry best practices.

Team Members:

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Hosting Services

Database-backed Website Hosting: $200/year

This includes Drupal, Wordpress, custom PHP websites, etc. A hosting fee waiver exists for certain types of sites and scenarios. Contact the Programming and Web Development team for more information. Storage pricing is negotiable for sites which require more than 2 gigabytes.

Dedicated Virtual Machine: $1000/year

Your own Linux or Windows virtual machine that allows you to install any web or database software (which may not be available in the College's shared hosting environment). Your application(s) will be hosted separately from the rest of the College's web applications, providing dedicated CPU and RAM and additional disk space. The virtual machine is placed on redundant computing hardware, which keeps your application responsive during a network, storage, or virtual host failure. You will get full administrative access to the virtual machine and a suite of web-based monitoring tools. This is an alternative to our shared hosting environment and the $200/year hosting fee for database-backed websites. Storage pricing is negotiable for virtual machines which require more than 100 gigabytes.

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Email Services

Online interface for your CALS E-mail

New Accounts
On-line request form to get a new CALS/AG Email Account.
Apply for a University Email Account available to any affiliated UA Student, Faculty or Staff.

New Mailing List

Existing Accounts

Instructions on decreasing your mail kept on the CALS server through Eudora, Pine, and Outlook.
On-line request form to change the password of an AG email account.
On-line request form to forward emails on the Ag account to other email addresses.
Further documentation for help with your E-mail account.

On-line request form to set up auto-reply message for an email account.

SMTP Email Settings for Off-Campus Devices

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CALS Department Computer Support

Personnel who provide computer support to CALS departments.

CALS Netmanagers

The personnel listed here are responsible for assigning IP addresses in their respective buildings. While many are able to provide other assistance, they are not required to, and that is left soley to the discretion of the individual net manager.

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Projects / Initiatives

These are current projects and ongoing initiatives that contribute to the CALS strategic IT direction generally.

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Cresawn, Ryan
Systems Administrator, Principal
Networking & Data
(520) 621-2489
Tod Gregoire
Gregoire, Tod
Systems Administrator, Senior
Networking & Data
(520) 621-7197
Hutchinson, Barbara
Director, CALS Communications / Technologies
Educational & Multimedia Technologies, Marketing & Publications, Networking & Data, Programming & Web Development
Macarthur, Robert
Networking & Data