Educational and Multimedia Technologies

Welcome to the Educational and Multimedia Technologies Unit

CALS CCT offers a full range of video production and classroom support services. Is your research team interested in exploring the possibilities of creating programming with potential to reach wide distribution into the public? Or, would you rather target your outreach to tightly integrated video and web design projects that you can use to target specific users or funders? Or would you like to produce outstanding online classes? What about installing new equipment in your classroom, having a lecture filmed, or getting a DVD duplicated? No matter what size of project or complexity, the odds are that the CCT Video team can help facilitate the solution.

Team Members:

  • David Bogner, Program Director
  • Cody Sheehy, Video Production Coordinator
  • Alan Davis, Multimedia Support Specialist
  • Jason Myrand, Multimedia Support Specialist

Interested in utilizing our services? Contact the team at

Video Production

See our more of our work work on our Youtube Channel

CALS CCT offers a full range of video production. Is your research team interested in exploring the possibilities of telling your compelling story to the public? Or would you rather target your outreach to tightly integrated video and web design projects that you can use to reach specific users or funding sources? In either case, we can bring your message to life and get it the audience that needs to see it.Our unit produces smaller projects on an ongoing basis.

Each one is different, so let's sit down and get creative together to figure exactly how to approach yours. Is documentary style the best, maybe something exciting to promote the cause, or how about an interactive web product? How can we tie what we do into your other social presences on the web . . . Can we facilitate a product that is best suited for a news outlet? Perhaps the way to approach your project is something tailored for a specific audience that may be involved in funding the next phase of the project. You tell us what you need and we'll help craft the answer.

On a larger time frame, our unit will be creating a series of in depth video documentaries to help the public understand the complex and exciting stories that play out here everyday. This university impacts the world we live in many ways through our core missions of education, research, and extension. How does the research being conducted here, interconnect to illuminate the big questions we are asking today? What are the stories of the people who work here, learn here, or dream of being apart of one of the best universities in the world? How does what we do here, extend and influence industry, science, and our communities? But most importantly, are you interested being a part of a project like this?

The Video CCT team is looking forward to working with you!

Our Scheduling Process

Some projects are big, some are small, but each one is different. In some cases we will need to block off entire weeks or months at a time, while others we can fit in with a day or two of filming and editing. In general, we try to serve the college on a first come first serve basis. This ensures that every project we take on gets completed in a timely fashion. However, we have to take into account how each project serves the core mission of the college and CCT . . . and there is always the odd project that is time sensitive (i.e. the cicadas only come out once every thirteen years!). We look forward to having a conversation with you about how to best schedule in your project!

 Our Upcoming Schedule

  • Lunar Greenhouse (October - November)
  • Reading the Range (October)
  • 100 years of Extension (October - February)
  • Range Rocks! (October - April)
  • Water in the Southwest (February 2013 - February of 2015)
  • 5 Goals of Extension (February - August)

Other Video Services

What about having a lecture filmed or getting a DVD/Blueray duplicated? No matter what size of project or complexity, the odds are that the CCT video team can help facilitate the solution.

  • DVD and Blueray Duplication
  • Final Cut and Abobe editing
  • Innovative DVD/Blueray menu authoring
  • Short, high impact promotional videos
  • Pre-production, production, and post production support
  • Integrated multimedia web experiences


Cody Sheehy
(520) 252-1292

Conference Support


Whether you would like a “turnkey” setup with full on-site technical support or would just like to find the most cost effective sound system.  We can provide a wide variety of conference support services including:

  • Technical Planning 
  • Equipment (sound system, projectors, etc) 
  • Technical Support 
  • Webcasting
  • Recording 

In many cases we can provide a fully supported, high quality setup for far less than the cost of renting the equipment from a conference venue.  In other cases we can provide equipment only at little to no cost. 

As a courtesy to CALS personnel, we would be happy to review quotes from your venue and provide a quote.  In some cases this has caused the venue to cut their price (by as much as 50%).

Contact Dave Bogner-




The college has a variety classrooms that are wired for a variety of recording and two way conferencing. Most can be programmed to automatically record lectures and seminars All of the classrooms are equipped with:

  • Remote control cameras
  • Wireless microphones
  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • Connection for laptop

In addition some are equipped with

  • Remote Control Cameras
  • Two Way Video Conferencing
  • Audience Microphones
  • Audience cameras

We are currently working to equip new classrooms using funds avaialble through the University.  If you have an innovative idea for a teaching space, give us a call and let's see if we can build it.

For information and/or training canotact Dave Bogner-

Educational & Communication Technology

Some of the resources available to CALS faculty and staff.

  • Mutlipoint traditional videoconferrencing-  Cals has several rooms of various sizes available.  This technolgy works great for collaborative classes between universities,conferences, distance classes, and defenses.
  • Web Confererncing-  We currently have a license for an 8 seat Cisco WebEx confrenence, in addition we can obtain limited time licenses for larger conferences, shortcourses and events.
  • Panopto-  This is the new U of A supportted lecture capture and distrubution system.  It has been in limited use since Fall 2012 and will be available for full use SP2012 .
  • Collaborate-  Formerly Elluminate, the current version offers many improvements, chiefly greatly improved audio conferencing capabilities.  This application has not gained widespread popularity amopng CALS users due  to a less than user friendly interface and limitations with early versions.  However, it has proven highly reliable and has the capability of much larger webcasts than any other no ( or low) cost option.
  • Any event scheduled in Marley 230 or Forbes 110 can easily leverage one or several of these technologies, Other rooms such as McPark 105 and the CEAC Auditorium have access to most technologies

For more information contact Dave Bogner



Large Format Printing

CCT provides professional quality large format printing services in paper widths of 24 " and 42 ".

We try to keep our prices in line with commercial printing services, however, especially with large volume jobs a commercial service may be less expensive.

Prices shown below are for jobs submitted ready to print in Jpeg, Photoshop, pdf or Powerpoint formats. If image editing or enhancement is required there will be aditional charges.

See the Poster - best practices page for Guidelines in creating a poster.


Size Label Cost (each)
  Image editing, processing and enhancement $35/hr
42 x 36 Plain Paper $20
42 x 36 Photo Quality Glossy $35
24 X 24 Plain Paper $15
24 x 24 Photo Quality Glossy $20
42 x --- Plain Paper Base cost $20 plus $10/ft over 3 feet
42 x --- Photo Paper Base cost $35 plus $15/ft over 3 feet
  Draft Quality Print Price = Plain Paper Price x .75  
  Other sizes or paper types or multiple copies call for price estimate

For more information, contact Dave Bogner,, 626-4615 or see our FAQs below


How do I send my data?

Cals and UA email both now support fairly large files in most cases the files can be emailed.

Where do I pick up my poster?

Generally, you will pick up the poster in 205 Saguaro Hall.

What is the turnaround time?

That depends on our workload. We will try to complete most jobs within 48 hours.

Why are the prices so high?

We maintain this service as a convinience for CALS faculty and staff. We try to keep our prices competative with commercial facilities and we are usually less expensive. However, for large volume jobs you can usually find a commercial facility that can provide the service at a lower cost.

What if I am not happy with my print?

As we are running this service on a cost recovery basis, you will be charged for the print unless there is a printing problem. If you would like to find out how your material will look as a large print.


Bogner, David
Program Director, Educational and Multimedia Technologies
Educational & Multimedia Technologies
(520) 626-4615
Hutchinson, Barbara
Director, CALS Communications / Technologies
Educational & Multimedia Technologies, Marketing & Publications, Networking & Data, Programming & Web Development
Sheehy, Cody
Video Coordinator
Educational & Multimedia Technologies
(520) 252-1292