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Reference list of all IT Staff in CALS in one place

Cooperative Extension Service & Arizona Experiment Station

Department Name Email Phone
Boyce Thompson Arboretum Kim Stone 520.689.2723
Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) John Polle 520.621.4495
Campus Ag Center (at Campbell), West Campus Ag Center, SRER, Red Rocks Martin Picazzo 520.626.3952
UA Herbarium Brody Painter 520.621.7243
Maricopa County Cooperative Extension Office Cathy Munger 602.827.8254
Cooperative Extension Service (CES) - All Counties Andy Medina 520.626.8395
Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC) Curtis Main 520.374.6224
Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) Mohamed Hamie 520.621.6982
Yuma Agricultural Center (YAC) Ruben Gonzalez 928.782.5884
Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) Aurora Astorga 520.621.2356

Academic Units

Department Name Email Phone
Entomology Brad Rickel 520.626.4615
Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (SWES) Sheri Musil 520.909.7514
School of Plant Sciences (SPLS) Mario Marquez 520.621.1257
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) Brian Little 520.626.1705
Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences (SFCS) Robert Lanza 520.621.1690
Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) Adam Katz 520.621.1987
School of Natural Resources and the Environment (SNRE) Andy Honaman 520.621.5517
Nutritional Sciences Tait Hansen 520.621.1712
Agricultural Education (AED) Tod Gregoire 520.621.7197
School of Animal and Comparative Biological Sciences (ACBS) Andres Carrasco 520.621.4430

Administrative Units

Department Name Email Phone
Career and Academic Services (CAS) Tod Gregoire 520.621.7197
CALS Business Services (CBS) Tod Gregoire 520.621.7197
Development and Alumni Office Tod Gregoire 520.621.7197
Cooperative Extension Admin Office Tod Gregoire 520.621.7197
Communications and Cyber Technologies (CCT) Ryan Cresawn 520.621.2489