What we do

We support faculty and staff in their use of cyber technology as they pursue research, instruction, and outreach objectives


Our Process

  1. 1) Discover

    We want to know your goals and what you hope to accomplish, so we begin by asking lots of questions. Working together we will determine the best way for you to achieve your objectives. This strategic direction might be a website, video, brochure, secure server–or some combination thereof. We will then present a scope of your project that includes a plan of action.

  2. 2) Design

    Drawing from the information gathered, we use our wisdom and expertise to inject style and usability into your project. Not only will your end product look appealing, but it will function well because it will be crafted with passion, care, and attention to detail. We believe great design is clear, functional and powerful.

  3. 3) Develop

    Development is the process of taking concepts into reality. In this construction phase we edit video, formulate IT solutions, provision servers, and/or write code. We ensure that our systems are secure, compliant, and adhere to industry best practices. We build websites and apps with a mobile-first approach to create seamless interactions that are responsive to any device your audience uses.

  4. 4) Deploy

    Before we deliver on our promise, we thoroughly look or test for any issues that may arise. We want to ensure that content is structured properly and well executed so that you and your audience will find it easy to absorb. We ultimately put you in control, giving you the agility to adapt to changing needs.



Providing cyber infrastructure services and solutions for physical and virtual servers for email, web, data, and more

  • Web Hosting

    We offer a variety of web and application hosting services.
  • Virtual Server Hosting

    Need more computing power, file space on dedicated resources?
  • Off Campus Networking

    Our team can work with UITS and local telco providers to improve bandwidth to your remote office.
  • Cloud Computing Resources

    Our team is persistently learning about new offerings from Amazon Web Services, iPlant Collaborative, IBM, and other cloud providers. We'd be happy to answer your questions.

Engineering interactive web, mobile and GIS applications

  • Web Development

    We can build new websites and update/redesign old ones, and help to maintain them.
  • Mobile Development

    Mobile apps and mobile-first website development
  • GIS Infrastructure Design and Development

    Design and implement GIS Application Servers such as ArcGIS Server or GeoServer that serve GIS data to web, mobile, and desktop clients.
  • Typical Types of Sites and Audiences

    These are the types of sites we have experience building, but we are always ready to take on new and unique projects.
  • Typical Features & Add-Ons

    These are the common features many of our clients request

Creating visual and interactive solutions for pixel and print

  • Print Design and Desktop Publication

    We design print and digital publications and graphics.

Offering a full range of video production and classroom support services for targeted audiences

  • Video Services

    We offer a full range of video production services
  • Classroom Technology Support

    We offer several different distance-learning and conferencing options, and help you set them up.