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Our purpose is to help CALS become the most cyber-savvy Land Grant College in the nation

Our Vision

Our vision is to have wide-scale adoption from CALS’ faculty and staff of the cyber technologies that we promote, educate, and develop internally or partner externally. To be considered as the model example of a College Communications and IT Unit that other Universities look at when organizing IT resources within their own College.

Shared Values

  • Adaptability: Our team is composed of self-starters who adapt to change in technology and industry, keeping CALS on the cutting edge.
  • Innovative: We dedicate time to incubate new ideas and encourage each other to cultivate outside-of-the-box strategies.
  • Quality: The products and services we offer are given our best effort. We’re detailed oriented and take pride in our work.
  • Integrity: We believe in delivering CALS with the best service possible, even if that means outsourcing a project or service that is recognizably better. We always have CALS’ best interest in mind.
  • Inclusivity: We’re an open and engaging team that seeks opportunities to partner with the college and campus community to develop new initiatives.
  • Trustworthy: We believe in a responsible and honest work environment, both among our team members and the faculty, staff, and students we serve.
  • Engaging: We pride ourselves on our human aspect of Cyber technology. We are educators, partners, and consultants, not just “bit-heads”. We meet in person when possible and always welcome walk-ins.
  • Humility: Not all of our designs and innovations work as planned. We can admit defeat, learn from mistakes, and embrace constructive criticism.

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CCT is part of the Arizona Experiment Station
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CCT is guided in part by the CALS Cyberinfrastructure Advisory Group
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Meet the Team

Maria del Carmen Aranguren
Graphic Designer
(520) 626-7585
Robert Armstrong
Web Designer/Developer, Senior
(520) 621-7181
Craig Boesewetter
Web Designer/Developer, Senior
(520) 626-4784
David Bogner
Program Director, Multimedia & Video
(520) 626-4615
Ryan Cresawn
Systems Administrator, Principal
(520) 621-2489
Kim Daly
UX/UI Designer
(520) 400-3748
Hannah Fournier
Web Designer/Developer
(520) 626-4784
J.D. Gibbs
Web Designer/Developer, Senior
(520) 626-4784
Tod Gregoire
Systems Administrator, Senior
(520) 621-7197
Matt Harmon
Web Designer/Developer, Senior
(520) 621-7179
Matt King
Web Designer/Developer, Senior
(520) 626-4784
Angel Marquez
Galen McCaw
Media Specialist
Matt Rahr
CCT Director
(520) 626-0329
Brad Rickel
Media Specialist
(520) 626-4615
Cassie Rosa
Student Associate Producer
Cody Sheehy
Video Coordinator
(520) 252-1292
Yuta Torrey
Program Director, Web & Mobile Development
(520) 626-4784
Sandra Westdahl
Abel Zander
Student Web Developer
(520) 626-4784